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Manufacturers: Overcome CPQ Pitfalls and Streamline Sales Processes with Zilliant

Read this blog post to discover CPQ pitfalls and how Zilliant CPQ streamlines the sales process and improves buying experiences for manufacturers.

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Front Row Seat to the Future of Pricing: A MindShare 2024 Recap

During the last week of May, Zilliant customers, partners, and prospective customers from around the world gathered in Austin, TX, for MindShare 2024. Attendees of this year’s edition of our annual pricing and revenue growth conference truly got a front row seat to the future of pricing. Not only di...

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Turbocharge Revenue by Connecting Sales with Pricing

Buying & Selling Is More Complex Than EverThe burden on sales operations is huge – the market continues to evolve, but the pressures to deliver on revenue and profit remains. For sales, sales ops, and rev ops leaders, that means navigating the ups and downs of the market and competitio...

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Five Challenges Pricing Leaders Can't Ignore

The Need for Pricing Speed Pricing has never been more important to the business, and pricing teams are being asked to make more price changes than ever as they deal with the headwinds of inflation, market shifts, supplier issues, and competitive movements.  The problem is many pricin...

AI Improves Sales Efficiency, Performance

AI Improves Sales Efficiency, Performance

What are your biggest challenges in B2B selling? For many sales managers, making sure all the reps on their team sell efficiently to the most relevant customers and effectively pitch the right products at the right price is a significant challenge. Regardless of the training, tools, tips, and tricks...

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Why Neural Networks Fall Short in Price Optimization

“The value of AI isn’t in the systems themselves. Rather, it’s in how companies use these systems to assist humans—and their ability to explain to shareholders and the public what these systems do—in a way that builds trust and confidence.” - What is AI (artificial intelligence)?, McKinsey.com ...

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The Pricing Factor: Why Pricing is More Important Than Ever

We’ve entered a new era for manufacturers and distributors. Inflation and price volatility, increasing customer expectations, and labor shortages are drastically changing how companies operate.To maintain a competitive advantage, companies need to solve the broken pricing process that’s at the cente...

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10 Signs You Have a Broken Pricing Process

Pricing is The Most Strategic Process in Your BusinessA pricing strategy and supporting process are critical for every organization. It affects brand, buying and selling experiences, and of course, financials. Managing the pricing process is complex. It touches many departments, such as sales,...

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Insider Views: Pricing Experts React to Wendy's Dynamic Pricing Announcement

Fast food giant Wendy’s sent the pricing world into a tizzy with news it would try out dynamic pricing next year. On the company’s Q4 2023 earnings call, CEO Kirk Tanner said in 2025 the company would, “begin testing more enhanced features like dynamic pricing and day-part offerings along with...

Data Hygiene 101: Why Proactive Data Management is Key for Pricing Success

Data Hygiene 101: Why Proactive Data Management is Key for Pricing Success

“My data is a mess! I can’t possibly think about new pricing technology!” This is a common complaint coming from pricing and technology teams that need to transform their pricing processes and modernize pricing systems – while shackled to outdated technology and an undefined data strategy.&nbsp...

Unlocking Growth: Six Revenue Intelligence Success Stories

Unlocking Growth: Six Revenue Intelligence Success Stories

We’ve previously examined how actionable customer insights generated by revenue intelligence can help tackle supply and inventory issues and enhance digital selling. In this blog post, we'll walk through customer stories that demonstrate how actual B2B companies are effectively growing revenue and g...

Price Optimization: A Guide to Maximizing Profit

Price Optimization: A Guide to Maximizing Profit

Learn what price optimization is, how price elasticity is calculated, how dynamic pricing works, and why price optimization is critical for maximizing profit.What is Price Optimization?Pricing optimization utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to measure price elasticity and predict...

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