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Build a Pricing Transformation Business Case

Check out clips from our How UPS Got Its Pricing Transformation Right webinar with PwC. Build a business case for pricing transformation.

Build a Pricing Transformation Business Case
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How Quick Start for Agreement Management Helps Halt Margin Loss

Quick Start for Agreement Management, which allows companies to deploy Zilliant Deal Manager™ in as few as four weeks, helps sales reps actively set and manage customer price agreements. But sales reps aren’t the only internal group to benefit from proactive agreement management. Quick Start for Ag...

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Pricing Trends at #PPSSF2022: Omnichannel Pricing, Inflation, Value

Zilliant sponsored and spoke on stage at the annual Professional Pricing Society Fall Conference in San Francisco last week. Here are four learnings from one of the pricing industry’s most important events. Solving the Pricing Puzzle at #PPSSF2022 The theme of the 2022 PPS Fall conference was “Sol...

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How Quick Start for Agreement Management Empowers Sales Reps

The average B2B company transacts 50% or more of its revenue via customer price agreements, many of which are negotiated and managed by the sales team. Unfortunately, sellers often lack deal guidance, automated approval workflows, and a centralized view of active agreements, which generally reside i...

Get a Quick Start on Agreement Management

Get a Quick Start on Agreement Management

For B2B companies, managing the customer price agreement process is complex and burdensome. The under-management of agreements, especially in times of inflation and market volatility, results in margin loss over time. It’s time to enable proactive price agreement management for improved profitabilit...

#TBT: eCommerce as a Selling Tool

#TBT: eCommerce as a Selling Tool

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday post from July 2021. This popular Zilliant blog written by Director of Product Management Brian Hirt explores why eCommerce must be an extension of your sales team, rather than just another B2B channel:More Than a Channel: eCommerce as a Selling ToolIn the first two par...

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#TBT: Pricing Pains are Hiding in Your Dated ERP

Enjoy this updated throwback post from September 2020, one of the most popular Zilliant blogs to date. It details how B2B companies tend to shortchange their pricing capabilities by conforming to the limitations of their aging ERP system, and how a real-time pricing engine offers a way out: Pricin...

A Guide to Smarter, Faster Pricing in Configure Price Quote

A Guide to Smarter, Faster Pricing in Configure Price Quote

Configure Price Quote software, commonly referred to as CPQ software, has grown in popularity as companies look to streamline quoting processes and improve pricing capabilities. However, when companies rely only on a CPQ system, they inadvertently solve only half of their pricing challenge. They mis...

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[PODCAST] Barrett Thompson on the Omnichannel Pricing Dilemma

Zilliant General Manager of Commercial Excellence Barrett Thompson appeared as a guest on the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) Pricing Podcast to share his thoughts on new B2B buyer expectations, why omnichannel is particularly challenging for B2B, and a systemic approach to delivering a modern pr...

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Essential Revenue Operations and Intelligence Content

Read this roundup of essential Zilliant revenue operations and intelligence content to learn more about what revenue operations and intelligence software is, how it works, why it’s critical for B2B companies, and more. Learn More About Revenue Operations and Intelligence With This Essential Conten...

Get a Quick Start on Revenue Operations & Intelligence

Get a Quick Start on Revenue Operations & Intelligence

B2B companies have invested heavily in the technology and sales processes to better track and manage customer relationships, amassing significant quantities of customer data along the way. It's time to translate that data into actionable insights. With Zilliant’s Quick Start package for Revenue Oper...

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The Omnichannel Dilemma

Zilliant attended and spoke at the Professional Pricing Society’s (PPS) 33rd Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in San Francisco, CA, on October 18 - 21. Barrett Thompson delivered a keynote speech on how pricing can power an effective omnichannel experience. Omnichannel is the Standard,...

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Listen to Zilliant’s Latest Podcast Episodes

Zilliant’s podcast, B2B Reimagined, brings a uniquely relevant perspective to B2B pricing and sales challenges. Our esteemed guests and knowledgeable hosts provide regular thought leadership around industry segments, economic trends, technological innovations, and much more. B2B Reimagined: New Po...

Get Ahead of Inflation with Proven Pricing Strategies

Get Ahead of Inflation with Proven Pricing Strategies

Manual Processes Are No Match for Inflation and VolatilityTwo of the biggest challenges facing B2B companies in 2022 are unprecedented inflation and market volatility. Both of these challenges are presenting an influx in what we consider to be “pricing triggers,” external events that cause a B2B com...

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B2B Manufacturers: Enable Intelligent Commerce with Dynamic Pricing

Learn how to achieve dynamic omnichannel pricing capabilities at this Zilliant-led session at Copperberg’s Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2022 event. Legacy Systems Are Ill-equipped for the Challenges of Today A highly volatile marketplace, unprecedented inflation, a broken supply, and the ris...

Pricing Software: What it is and How it Works

Pricing Software: What it is and How it Works

Learn all about B2B pricing software in our comprehensive explainer, including a breakdown of pricing analytics, price management, price optimization, deal management, and price execution functionality.What is Pricing Software?Originating in the travel and hospitality industries as revenue managemen...

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