Outcome-Focused Customer Success

Our dedicated team of experts invests in solving challenges and delivering long-term success.

NatureWorks on Working with Zilliant

In this 3-minute video, learn how NatureWorks Pricing Manager Grant Braasch has worked with Zilliant to align the company’s pricing with regional and competitive dynamics while instilling the sales team with confidence in the pricing guidance.

NatureWorks on Working with Zilliant

Fully Dedicated to Each Unique Customer

When you work with Zilliant, you can be confident in our customer-first dedication. We take the time to know the intricacies of your business and tailor a solution to meet its unique needs.

Zilliant Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner
Tap into the extensive experience of your customer success manager to derive benefit from Zilliant solutions – now and in the future.
Zilliant Continuous Value
Continuous Value
Jointly develop tailored customer success plans that focus on maximizing value and adoption.
Zilliant Change Management
Change Management
Partner with Zilliant on training, change management and user feedback sessions to ensure end users trust and act on the guidance.
Zilliant Precise Measurement
Precise Measurement
Measure total impact with adoption metrics, margin and revenue driver analysis, pricing opportunity analysis, and KPI trends.
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“We chose Zilliant because their team authentically engaged with our employees to understand our business. They were able to develop and articulate clear cases to demonstrate the value of their platform.”

- Oldcastle APG Vice President Strategic Initiatives Karl Kottke
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“Zilliant came in and understood the heart of our complex business in the B2B landscape. They developed an AI model that helps us identify growth and retention opportunities. But they didn't stop at just building the tool. They were so passionate about our success and achieving our company goals that they continued to work with us on the best adoption strategies. They were crucial to helping us achieve our targets. This is true partnership!”

- Shirley Mitchell, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Valvoline

How We Help Customers Succeed

We apply our history of positive outcomes and B2B expertise to craft the best solution and success plans to address your unique pricing, sales and commercial challenges.

Zilliant Unwavering Focus on What Works
Unwavering Focus on What Works
Focus on the 8 key drivers of success to guide our engagement.
Zilliant Unwavering Focus on What Works
Tailored Plans to Ensure Success
Jointly-crafted success plans to meet your corporate goals and objectives.
Zilliant Structured Engagement
Structured Engagement
Weekly team meetings, monthly progress reports, semi-annual executive reviews, end-user feedback sessions.
Zilliant Comprehensive Approach
Comprehensive Approach
Engage the right roles within your organization at the right time for continued success.

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