Zilliant CPQ

Accelerate Sales with Automated, Omni-Channel Quoting

Simplify Quoting and Exceed Buyer Expectations Across All Channels

Purpose-built for Manufacturing & Distribution to close deals quickly with accurate pricing and streamlined approvals

Reduce quote times with sales automation approval workflows

Make your sales process run as seamlessly and cost-efficiently as your production line. Automated workflows and approvals move deals along at a steady pace, benefiting your customer and your bottom line. Collaboration functions help everyone involved to be at their best.

Deliver the right price, for even the most complex configurations

Create fully individualized offers, no matter the complexity of your products, solutions, and service offerings. Backed by always up-to-date pricing data, your automated rules, constraints and calculations produce 100% accurate offers across multiple line items.

Give your customers a real time showroom

Allow your team, customers and dealers real-time access to your product, component, spare parts and service catalog - anytime, from everywhere. Convenient selection, Bundles, Smart Recommendations and Guided Selling mean the optimal solution is only a few clicks away.

Transform Buying and Selling Experiences

Product & Solution Configuration
Build complex configuration profiles based on dependencies, conditions, bill of materials, and pricing.
Self-Service Purchasing
Streamline the buying process with e-commerce orders, re-orders and bulk orders. Create leads from abandoned carts for proactive follow-up.
Interactive 2D/3D visualization
Showcase customized solutions through CAD or maps directly in CPQ and enable your customers to visualize products in the most engaging way.
Product Service Catalog
Unlock advanced capabilities with search and regional availabilities. Utilize product relation management tool for accessories, spare parts or consumables.
Discount Management
Implement guardrails for discounts to ensure faster deal cycles and decrease margin leakage.
Guided Selling
Identify customer needs and proactively ensure that sales pursues appropriate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
Approvals From Anywhere
Accelerate matrix and multi-step approvals via email or other channels.
Quote Output Documents
Generate documents with template pliability, multiple output formats and flexible business terms.
Robust ERP & CRM Integrations
Integrate to all your core systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and more.

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