5 Answers for the CRO Suite

By Zilliant

Aug 09, 2023

Get in front of trends impacting sales operations and the Chief Revenue Officer suite with Zilliant’s most-read revenue operations and intelligence blogs. These playbooks provide insights into intelligently responding to the revenue challenges that persist in the second half of 2023.

5 Answers for CRO and Sales Operations Leaders

It is increasingly vital for B2B companies to solidify their ability to predictably generate revenue. The leaders in sales ops and the CRO suite should be leveraging the best tools available to them to build revenue strategies and translate those into targeted action across sales channels.

Adopting revenue operations and intelligence software is a necessary evolution from the manual tools and outdated legacy processes that are too slow, too uninformed, and too siloed to meet revenue growth goals in a fast-paced, omnichannel world. Sales reps need direction on the right opportunities that are most likely to close quickly, at maximum value to the company.

CROs who introduce transformative AI and data science-driven software to their organization consistently see their sales teams make better decisions and their digital channels deliver the right offers to the right customers, with minimal wasted time and effort.

For more insights into creative and intelligent salves to modern revenue barriers, check out our five most-read sales blogs. Together they form a playbook for the modern B2B CRO and Sales Operations teams:

1. Navigating the Broken Supply Chain

The broken supply chain, and the global economy that flows through it, may never go back to the way things were. We have learned that B2B companies cannot afford to wait for "normalcy" nor can they expect to keep pace in this new era with the tools of a bygone age.

We go deep in this blog post on how a data science-driven product alternative strategy can help sales operations teams weather supply shortages to avoid revenue roadblocks in a new economy.

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2. How to Equip Sales Reps to Sell Excess and Stockout Inventory

Continuing with the theme of supply chain resiliency, we look at how sales reps can pinpoint opportunities to sell excess and stockout inventory. In an era marked by supply chain and market-driven inventory challenges, the legacy tools and approaches fall short.

In the past three years we’ve seen a seemingly random distribution of supply and demand patterns. B2B companies have thus been dealt a hand of excess and stockout inventory at different times. Learn how to enable targeted inventory actions for sales teams with revenue operations and intelligence software.

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3. How to Keep B2B Contracts & Agreements Profitable & Compliant

Economic headwinds also work against your customer-specific pricing agreements, the vehicles with which sales reps transact business with their most important customers. Due to inflation and supply chain issues, it is critical to ensure B2B contracts and customer agreements are current. In this blog, learn how pricing and revenue operations and intelligence software ensures that agreements are priced to target and that customers are buying their committed volumes.

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4. Intelligent Commerce in eCommerce, Marketing & Sales-Led Channels

As B2B companies continue to make substantial investments in eCommerce and marketing automation systems, it is critical to ensure the customer experience within those digital channels is personalized and consistent with direct sales channels. Learn how account-based actions from revenue operations and intelligence software turn eCommerce and marketing systems into active selling channels leading to greater revenue growth.

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5. Driving Sales and Customer Engagement with Revenue Operations & Intelligence

Each customer interaction is critical. Whether it happens directly with a sales rep or through a self-service digital channel, the interaction must be highly targeted. With intense pressure on sales organizations to maximize revenue and profit, every sales channel needs to be powered with strategic and timely actions.Forrester Principal Analyst Seth Marrs joined us for a webcast on why revenue operations and intelligence is critical for modern digital sales and revenue management. He shared how to set effective sales strategies and deliver a broad and deep range of actionable insights. Learn now revenue operations and intelligence software enables organizational flexibility through self-configuration and customization, while supporting systemic optimization and automation to drive revenue and customer engagement.

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