New ebook: General Services Company Digitally Transforms Pricing

By Zilliant

Jul 06, 2023

Read our new eBook to learn how a general services company partnered with Zilliant to move from a slow and manual pricing process to a new digital platform to ensure customers were presented with the right prices across its portfolio of services.

[EBOOK] Creating a Frictionless Customer & Sales Experience

As its sheer scale and business complexity outpaced its customer price agreement management capabilities, a general services company realized its quoting and contracting process was difficult for both customers and sales reps.

Sales reps had to provide order details manually with limited flexibility, and the quote turnaround time lagged as the pricing team completed analysis. The company quickly realized it needed to integrate data science into its pricing process to automate flexibility for sales and analysis for the pricing team.

To stay true to its strategy, the company’s leadership brought in Zilliant to transform its approach to pricing, making it easier for small businesses to contract with it while improving the sales rep experience.

The company prioritized deal management and pricing improvements as key components of a multi-year digital transformation strategy. After a scrupulous evaluation process, company leaders chose Zilliant to be the company’s next-generation pricing partner.

Read the eBook - "Creating a Frictionless Customer & Sales Experience" - to discover how Zilliant Deal Manager™ completely revamped the price agreement process, allowing sales reps to streamline quoting. Now, they can spend more time selling and less time on internal price negotiation.

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