Artificial Intelligence
& Data Science

A powerful, yet accessible, solution for the practical application of AI and data science.

Best-in-Class Data Science Tailored to Your Business

Operationalize AI & Data Science

Capitalize on the possibility of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning with our solutions, which make these powerful capabilities accessible to business users.

Superior Science

Deploy a wide swath of artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, including Random Forest, Neural Net, Association Rules, k-Means and Natural Language Processing within our platform.

Predictive Sales Guidance

Combat churn, gain wallet share, and pitch the right products to the customers most likely to buy, with practical applications of data science and artificial intelligence that drive revenue growth.

Price Optimization

Take advantage of our unique ability to measure price elasticity in B2B and constraint-based approach to optimization. Our “crystal box” pricing science is easy to understand and interact with to tailor pricing strategies and use price as a strategic lever in your business.

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