Revenue Intelligence

An intelligent solution to improve revenue through targeted sales actions and personalized offers for customers.

Revenue Intelligence Overview

In this demo, learn how Zilliant Revenue Intelligence empowers sales teams to quickly identify data-driven opportunities and tackle the highest revenue-generating activities with confidence.

Powered by AI and data intelligence, Zilliant's Revenue Intelligence solutions highlight upsell and cross-sell opportunities, proactively identify areas where customer spend is declining, and help combat common manufacturing challenges - such as inventory management, contract compliance, and self-service recommendations.


Grow Revenue with Intelligent, Data Science-Driven Customer Actions

Generate Customer-Specific Actions From Your Data

You’ve invested heavily in sales technology and processes to better manage and track customer relationships, amassing significant quantities of data. Transform your data into customer-specific actions that sales teams want to pursue.

Protect, Recover and Grow Revenue

Zilliant’s advanced data science analyzes your entire book of business to reveal what customers and prospects should be buying based on your “ideal” customers. Our patented algorithms also identify those accounts “at-risk” for defection as well as the best products to pitch to win back lost business.

Pitch the Right Products

Executing product-specific sales strategies is challenging with a large sales organization. Whether you need to sell excess inventory, hit rebate targets with a specific supplier, sell more private label items or recommend higher margin substitute products, Zilliant’s revenue operations & intelligence solutions can identify which customers are most likely to buy each target product and deliver personalized recommendations to customers and customer-specific actions to sales in any commercial execution system.

Prioritize Sales Efforts

With so many accounts to manage, a large prospect universe and expansive product catalogs, how do sales reps know which selling actions to prioritize with which customers? How can they prioritize their time to sell more for more? Point them in the right direction with predictive sales guidance.

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