Sustained Success: Four Long-Term Advantages of a Revenue Intelligence Platform

By Zilliant

Jan 23, 2024

We previously covered how B2B sales operations teams can pick up quick wins by getting out of spreadsheets and using revenue intelligence to drive sales actions. But there are also long-term business benefits and competitive advantages to be had. Here’s a closer look at four of them.

A Competitive Edge in the Digital Economy

B2B companies have made and must continue to make, significant advances in their eCommerce strategy. Most can now recommend products and generally personalize the digital shopping experience for customers. The next generation of B2B leaders need eCommerce to be more than a channel, or a convenient means of selling products online. It must be a selling tool itself. A revenue intelligence platform can power an intelligent eCommerce vision by turning data into actionable insights that can be integrated into any digital commerce system. This means you can drive campaigns from a single, connected source to create a cohesive sales front across all channels. This is a true competitive differentiator in the hyper-digitized economy.

Increased Employee Productivity

By 2025, millennials will make up three-quarters of the global workforce. And those entering B2B sales are finding themselves facing a steep learning curve. An increase in products, channels, market dynamics, and competition calls for a more data-driven onboarding process. Revenue intelligence solutions put customer and transaction insights at the fingertips of new reps. These solutions also help managers deliver coaching backed by data. Additionally, for sales operations and marketing teams, moving away from spreadsheet-based processes allows for more time spent on strategy.

Increased Wallet Share

Companies typically report a steady increase in same-customer sales of 5% to 15% and AI sales models continually improve over time with more data input. A consistent feed of new actionable insights nurtures your accounts and keeps competitors out.

More Organizational Trust

When relevant opportunities are delivered to sales reps at the right time, bigger commission checks often follow. The speed and accuracy of the revenue intelligence insights allow inter-departmental teams to work more collaboratively over the long haul.

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