Nov 09, 2023

New Case Study: Manufacturer Streamlines Pricing in Weeks with Zilliant Quick Start

By Zilliant

Read this case study to learn how Zilliant Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists delivered Price Manager™ in a matter of weeks to help a climate solutions manufacturer establish a new data-driven approach to pricing.

A Good Problem: What to do When Your Business Outgrows Manual Pricing

A €4 billion European manufacturer of cost-efficient and sustainable climate solutions was in a period of hyper-growth. Numerous acquisitions were driving substantial market expansion into new regions across Europe. As the manufacturer was experiencing this growth, pricing became more complex.

The manufacturer’s price management approach relied heavily on spreadsheets. As market growth continued and showed no signs of slowing down, there was a critical need for better pricing standards. The company’s leadership thus hired a new pricing manager. However, it did not take long for the pricing manager to realize that the company lacked focus and rigor around pricing.

Additionally, the pricing manager identified many challenges with the company’s manual pricing processes. These included mismatched data within spreadsheets, the inability to generate predictive pricing simulations, a lack of KPIs, no CRM integration, and generally very decentralized pricing.

Read this case study to learn how the pricing manager convinced company leadership that data-driven pricing software was necessary to facilitate growth while hitting margin targets, and how Zilliant Quick Start for Global & Country Price Lists was key in supporting the manufacturer’s pricing journey.

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