[PODCAST] Industrial Manufacturers: Go-To-Market Complexities Shape Pricing Strategy

By Zilliant

Feb 27, 2020

This episode ofB2B Reimaginedexplores the pricing dynamics and business challenges for companies in the industrial parts and equipment manufacturing industry. Zilliant Customer Success Director Nathan Rabold stopped by to share the knowledge he’s gained from working on the front line with clients in this sector.

Listen as Nathan andB2B Reimaginedhost Lindsay Duran break down the go-to-market intricacies these companies must account for, and the resulting pricing complexities. Costing, pricing and selling strategies vary greatly depending on whether a manufactured part or product is configured, discrete/into-stock or built for the downstream aftermarket. In addition to price-setting decisions, they discuss external factors these manufacturers are facing, including:

Cost fluctuation due to raw material volatility Tariff impact, and the pressure to respond to them within a given event window eCommerce competition

You’ll also learn how forward-thinking industrial manufacturers are leveraging real-time market pricing to hasten the quote-to-cash process and market-align millions of customer-specific agreement lines.

Listen now:

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