New eBook: Manufacturer Mobilizes a Global Pricing Transformation

By Zilliant

Jul 27, 2023

Read our new eBook to learn how a major fuel and lubricants manufacturer transformed the company's pricing culture with Zilliant price optimization software.

Mobilizing a Global Pricing Transformation

For B2B companies that achieve rapid success and accelerated growth, it’s not uncommon for the business to outpace its pricing capabilities. This was the case for a fuel and lubricants manufacturer, which has grown its revenue consistently in its 20 years in business.

Because manual pricing processes could not keep pace with increasing cost changes and evolving commercial pricing guidelines, margins were at risk. In addition, a culture of build-over-buy made bringing in a vendor a tough sell internally.

Read the eBook - "Mobilizing a Global Pricing Transformation" - to learn how the manufacturer implemented a science-based, data-driven approach to pricing powered by Zilliant Price IQ®, and how the success of an initial regional Price IQ® project convinced executives that a global rollout was a no-brainer.

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