Distributor Digitally Transforms Through Price

By Zilliant

Feb 27, 2023

Read our new eBook to learn how a leading electrical products distributor modernized its pricing capabilities with Zilliant as part of a long-term, highly strategic digital transformation strategy.

[EBOOK] Discount Guidance and Impact Analysis Powers Better Pricing Decisions

A leading European wholesaler of electrical supplies is on a journey to untether critical business processes from its legacy ERP system. One of the pillars of this digital transformation is a better approach to managing discounts

District sales managers at the company own the profit-and-loss responsibility and thus the final discount decisions. Rather than forcing sales reps to key each discount manually into ERP with little decision guidance, the company wanted to be able to incorporate price guidance from its in-house AI model to give reps discount guardrails complete with transparent analytics that show the KPI impact.

The distributor selected Zilliant Price Manager™ to simulate the impact of price changes, validate and set discounts, and replace ERP with a more intuitive, user-friendly system of price management. Price Manager™ exposes pricing guidance from the AI model to deliver deal envelopes and embedded analytics. This empowers sales managers to make more profitable discount decisions for both traditional and web channels, while removing a major administrative burden.

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Download the eBook - "Discount Guidance and Impact Analysis Powers Better Pricing Decisions" - to find out more about how this electrical products distributor is evolving beyond legacy ERP-and-spreadsheets pricing processes. The company is now able to price dynamically over eCommerce and provide sales managers with the discount guidance they need to make more profitable and efficient decisions.

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