[WEBINAR] Leveraging Your B2B eCommerce Pricing & Digital Channels

By Zilliant

Sep 07, 2021

When the pandemic forced many B2B businesses to accelerate digital initiatives, this compounded challenges for companies that weren’t as digitally savvy or behind the curve when it came to eCommerce. “The crisis exposed a significant digital gap in certain areas … The dramatic demand mix change and shift to virtual engagement put those laggard companies at a distinct disadvantage in today’s digital-first world,” states Forbes.com.

The fact is that digital buyers are only increasing, personalized purchasing is on the rise, and the competition is already ahead of the digital curve. Even as B2B companies jump headfirst into eCommerce, what are some approaches they can take from a pricing perspective to ensure consistency and success of digital channels? How can B2B companies keep pace with the competition if their eCommerce initiatives aren’t fully mature?

On Tuesday, September 14, at 4:00 p.m. CET, Zilliant Senior Director of Science Sofia Simaria joins the EPP Dynamic Talks series for the “Leveraging Your B2B eCommerce Pricing & Digital Channels” session. EPP’s Dynamic Talks are highly impactful live-virtual presentations by global pricing leaders on how to shape your pricing and revenue roadmap. In this Dynamic Talks session, Simaria will be joined by Tenneco Executive Director of Global Strategic Pricing Ozge S. Kurtoglu and BASF Head of Pricing for Agriculture Andrè Koeppl to explore best practices of a successful eCommerce and digital pricing implementation, as well as discuss the pitfalls of eCommerce in B2B and handling competitive pressure.

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