Unlocking Growth: Six Revenue Intelligence Success Stories

By Zilliant

Feb 20, 2024

We’ve previously examined how actionable customer insights generated by revenue intelligence can help tackle supply and inventory issues and enhance digital selling. In this blog post, we'll walk through customer stories that demonstrate how actual B2B companies are effectively growing revenue and gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging Zilliant revenue intelligence solutions. 

METRO Turkey

METRO Turkey, a foodservice delivery and wholesale distribution company, operates with massive product lists and many customers; this complexity made efficiently executing growth and recovery marketing campaigns nearly impossible. With Zilliant revenue intelligence, the company achieved a revenue lift of 38 million Turkish Lire in six months despite pandemic-driven challenges.

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Pro a Pro

The French food service distributor Pro a Pro serves more than 40,000 customers and operates 22 warehouses. Its business expanded to serve a wider range of customers and increased the mix of products it offered. When this happened, it was challenging for the sales team to efficiently reach this new clientele, while still providing excellent service to traditional customers. Pro a Pro chose Zilliant revenue intelligence solutions to uncover cross-sell and recovery opportunities that are delivered to the sales team automatically.

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METRO France

METRO France is one of the largest entities under the METRO AG food service umbrella with traditional stores and a growing eCommerce business. However, selling has become exceedingly complicated as the business grows more dynamic and omnichannel. It became apparent that METRO France needed to employ a more personalized customer approach while empowering salespeople. From large restaurants to small bakeries, product opportunities and channels vary greatly. The company implemented Zilliant revenue intelligence solutions to enable salespeople to recommend the right product to the right customer.

Watch the Video: METRO France Empowers Sales Team with Revenue Intelligence


Transgourmet is a foodservice delivery business serving countries throughout Europe. In Germany alone, Transgourmet supplies food, kitchen equipment, and services to 41,000 customers every day. The company produced massive quantities of customer, product, and transaction data, and sought a solution to help unlock data potential and operationalize it. Transgourment eventually partnered with Zilliant and leveraged revenue intelligence solutions to improve customer relationships. As a result, Zilliant revenue intelligence empowered sales reps with AI-powered insights and recommendations on next-best-actions for each customer - propelling Transgourmet toward its goal of maximizing its revenue potential. 

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Industrial Distributor

For many industrial distributors, manual processes create complexity for their sales teams due to the number of SKUs and customers served. This inefficiency makes growing business while moving excess inventory and following up on unconverted quotes difficult. The sales leaders at one industrial distributor were grappling with these challenges and sought to increase efficiency and effectiveness. They embraced Zilliant revenue intelligence solutions to replace cumbersome manual processes with data-driven actionable insights to empower sales reps and grow revenue.

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Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

An enterprise manufacturer of automotive, commercial industrial lubricants, and chemical products was facing an increasingly competitive market. To improve the customer experience, the manufacturer’s sales and digital teams decided to invest more in eCommerce. However, the tools the company used to proactively sell to customers in the eCommerce channel were very limited. This manufacturer tapped Zilliant to implement revenue intelligence solutions to foster a dynamic, personalized customer experience in its eCommerce channel. As a result, the manufacturer not only bolstered its eCommerce personalization, consistency, and value but also delivered a substantial revenue lift in a matter of months.

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