Pro a Pro Grows Wallet Share With Actionable Customer Insights

Pro a Pro is a food service distributor based in France with 22 warehouses, more than 40,000 customers in France and overseas, and 2,000 employees. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Deruyter sat down for this video case study to explain how Zilliant is helping to address the company’s biggest sales challenges.

As the business has grown, Pro a Pro continues to add more value-added product categories to serve new types of customers. The company is serving smaller, institutional HORECA customers, whose needs are distinct from the traditional commercial customers they’ve always done business with. This has made it more difficult for the sales team to do its job efficiently.

A homegrown sales solution fell short because it was designed based more on “gut feel” than data. Deruyter brought in Zilliant Sales IQ to analyze its customer spend and behavior, cluster those customers into profiles and then compare customers within the same profile to highlight cross-sell, upsell and recovery opportunities. Sales reps now receive customer opportunities daily with guidance on which product(s) to suggest.

“After looking at several solutions, we went for Zilliant who was presenting for us the best credibility in the landscape of B2B and the ease of implementation we were looking for,” said Deruyter.

Watch the video to hear the rest of the story, as well as the next phase of Pro a Pro’s commercial transformation: price optimization with Zilliant Price IQ.

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