METRO France Empowers Sales Team with Zilliant Pricing and Sales Solutions

In this video case study, watch as Margot Simon-Beaulieu, head of pricing and article masterdata at METRO France, describes how the leading wholesaler is solving for omnichannel pricing challenges. METRO France operates a complex business, with 99 brick-and-mortar stores, delivery services to HORECA customers and a rapidly growing eCommerce presence.

With a growing demand for negotiation and price personalization, the old way of setting price through spreadsheets and email exchanges became inefficient and impossible to manage. METRO France chose to partner with Zilliant to empower its sales team to get the right prices to the right customer at the right time, while ensuring price consistency and relevant product recommendations across channels.

“With the Zilliant solution, we believe we give our salespeople a very powerful tool to look for new opportunities and business, and make sure that we monitor them in a profitable way,” said Simon-Beaulieu.

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