Three Takeaways from MindShare Europe 2022

By Zilliant

Nov 22, 2022

Last week, Zilliant customers, partners, and prospective customers from around the world attended our annual MindShare Europe event in Barcelona. This year’s edition of our annual premier pricing and sales conference featured pre-conference trainings, impactful keynote presentations, comprehensive product demonstrations, detailed customer stories, partner-led breakout sessions, and an exciting 5K Fun Run to kick off the day.

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The Time is Now: Turn Years of Disruption into New Opportunities

The prevailing theme of this year’s MindShare Europe was turning disruption into new opportunities. As industry thought leader Danilo Zatta said in his keynote, “There are three types of companies out there: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

MindShare Europe brought together people who make things happen. Here are three takeaways from the event: 

Takeaway No. 1: Price Optimization Creates New Competitive Advantages

In a competitive environment, there’s tremendous value in being able to offer pricing alternatives. Sales reps and consumers alike want fair and communicable prices. As our first customer speaker – the price specialist for a building products distributor - said, “It’s important to align on pricing strategy, while adjusting to market conditions. We’re always matching competitor pricing. This means constant review of prices and pricing strategy.”

Price IQ® allows this distributor to make daily price updates, while aligning prices across its B2B and B2C entities in both traditional and web channels. In addition to quickly responding to aggressive competitor pricing, the price specialist can quickly adjust items causing margin or pricing issues.

“When we have this complex of a model, and we have this complex of a business, it’s important to get a team that knows all the intricacies of how that business works. That’s why we continue to work with Zilliant and increase our return on investment. They have that knowledge.”

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Takeaway No. 2: Transformation is STILL Essential for Long-Term Success

At Zilliant, we’ve written substantially about digital transformation and why it’s essential to shaping commercial strategies and enabling B2B companies to compete effectively in today’s landscape. Earlier this year, MindShare North America 2022 keynote speaker, Bestselling Author and Strategic Advisor Daniel Burrus broke down the difference between ‘transformation’ and ‘change.’

“Whether it’s personal or business transformation, transformation always comes from the inside out, and that gives you control,” said Burrus.   

That theme continued into MindShare Europe with a keynote by the vice president of revenue enablement and rates for a global pack and ship provider. He emphasized the importance of education and communication when 2,000+ sales users and dozens of pricing users are adopting a new digital strategy.

“We started out with the messaging ‘trust the science’ but with change management issues, we had to change that message to ‘understand the science.’ Once that happened, the adoption took off.”

By partnering with Zilliant to incorporate Deal Manager™ into its critical new customer negotiation process, the company achieved higher win rates, improved deal profitability, and took an exciting leap forward in its global transformation efforts. 

Takeaway No. 3: It Really is OK to Say Goodbye to Your Legacy ERP

The pricing and business process management leader at a wholesaler of electrical supplies in Switzerland spoke about the company’s journey to untether critical business processes from its legacy ERP system.

The distributor selected Zilliant Price Manager™ to simulate the impact of price changes, validate and set discounts, and replace ERP with a more intuitive, user-friendly system of price management. Price Manager™ exposes pricing guidance from the AI model to deliver deal envelopes with embedded analytics. This empowers sales managers to make more profitable discount decisions for both traditional and web channels, while removing a major administrative burden.

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Thanks to all our MindShare Europe 2022 attendees and presenters for making it a successful event! 

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