Achieve Omnichannel Pricing Consistency

By Zilliant

Sep 20, 2018

70 percent of B2B companies will have an eCommerce channel in place within two years, keeping B2B online sales on track to tip the $1 trillion mark by 2020.

Standing up an online ordering system is just half the battle; many companies have yet to establish their online pricing strategy.

Questions abound: What prices should be offered on the open web versus a customer-specific login? Can we guarantee the prices customers see online are consistent with what sales reps quote them in-person?

On September 14, Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools invited Zilliant VP of Product Management Javier Aldrete and Zilliant Director of R&D, Pricing Science, Amir Meimand to answer some of the most critical questions around eCommerce profitability in B2B.

This OnDemand Webinar reveals why personalization is critical to increasing customer loyalty and online revenue. And, how you can make price optimization a central hub to generate the right price per channel. Listen now and learn:

Top challenges for delivering an intelligence into an eCommerce platform. How personalized pricing improves the customer experience on all channels. Why frictionless personalization is critical to increasing customer loyalty. How to determine the right price for each buying scenario (online, in-person, etc.) How price optimization works and the factors that can affect market prices. Why pricing without predictive analytics will result in irrelevant pricing. How eCommerce can free up the sales force to manage more complex deals and negotiations.

In the webinar, Javier also shares a case study for how simple, omnichannel pricing guidance that people trust increased customer loyalty and improved the customer experience.

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