New Case Study: Manufacturer Lifts eCommerce Channel Revenue

By Zilliant

Mar 23, 2023

Leadership at an enterprise manufacturer decided to bolster its digital sales investments. After working with Zilliant, the manufacturer implemented a dynamic eCommerce recommendation system powered by Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Zilliant Campaign Manager™, which led to a significant revenue lift and reversed customer defection.

Manufacturer Taps Sales IQ™ & Campaign Manager™ to Get More Value Out of eCommerce

As B2B buyers become more accustomed to the ease and convenience of a B2C, “Amazon-like” eCommerce experience, many companies still lack dynamic eCommerce capabilities. Not only do many eCommerce tools demand manual effort and are disconnected from corporate sales initiatives, but they lack personalization, and, ultimately, fail as a selling tool that can truly impact revenue.

This was what the leadership team at an enterprise manufacturer of automotive, commercial industrial lubricants, and chemicals products was facing in an increasingly competitive market. As a result, it instinctively knew it was missing opportunities for organic growth. In an effort to improve the customer experience, the manufacturer’s sales and digital teams decided to invest more in eCommerce. However, the tools the company used to proactively sell to customers in the eCommerce channel were very limited.

This manufacturer tapped Zilliant to implement Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Zilliant Campaign Manager™ –which together provide a comprehensive Revenue Operations & Intelligence solution – to increase revenue and foster a dynamic, personalized customer experience in the digital channel.

Read this case study to learn how this manufacturer not only bolstered its eCommerce personalization, consistency, and value but also delivered a revenue lift of more than $2 million and a 37% customer click-rate on recommended products in a matter of months.

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