[WEBINAR] Behind the Changing Customer Journey

By Zilliant

Jul 20, 2021

“COVID-19 has made it clear: Digitize everything and think digital-first whether you’re selling to consumers or business buyers. No longer is it acceptable to rely on traditional direct and indirect channels to grow revenue,” states Forrester’s B2B E-Commerce Playbook For 2021.

This digital-first mindset caused many B2B distribution companies to rethink their customer journeys for both buying and selling during the pandemic as many face-to-face sales interactions were put on hold and increasingly millennial buyers sought an easy and convenient Amazon-like experience. However, as many distributors jumped headfirst into digital, were these moves simply reactionary or truly based on real data? What do distribution customers really need to enable a seamless customer journey?

Those questions are exactly what the Distribution Strategy Group set out to answer in their 2021 State of Shopping and Buying in Distribution report, which went straight to the source and surveyed and interviewed distribution customers. The results of this report will be shared on Tuesday, August 3, at 11:00 a.m. CT/12:00 p.m. ET at Distribution Strategy Group’s Behind the Changing Customer Journey webinar, which will feature Distribution Strategy Group Partner Dean Mueller, Distribution Strategy Group Managing Partner Jonathan Bein, Ph.D., and Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran.

Along with revealing the results of the report, the webinar will also address:

How the B2B customer journey has changed and what that means for you How customers prefer to shop – research, find, and select products – for their business How customers want to buy, or complete the transaction, with your business Future shopping and buying trends

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