[EBOOK] How to Give Sales Reps a Data Science-Driven Playbook

By Zilliant

Jul 19, 2022

This new eBook explores how the director of sales enablement at a foodservice distributor leveraged Zilliant Sales IQ® combined with Campaign Manager™ to increase the value of CRM and drive organic growth.

[eBook] How to Give Sales Reps a Data Science-Driven Playbook

Currently, the foodservice distribution industry is facing some very tough sales challenges, including ongoing inflationary pressures, supply chain uncertainty, an aging salesforce with established habits, an incoming younger workforce with little experience, and increasing customer expectations. If a distributor fails to address these sales challenges intelligently, it could lead to a loss of revenue and negatively impact its bottom line.

When it comes to sales tools, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is one of the most critical. However, those that are responsible for the success of a B2B sales team need to be wary of the “CRM trap.” This means ensuring the tool is accelerating sales efforts rather than becoming another administrative checkbox that eats up sales reps’ valuable time.

Additionally, for an established sales team, breaking through that emotional wall of “I already know what my customer needs” requires the kind of effective insights that off-the-shelf CRM tends to lack.

The director of sales enablement at one foodservice distributor understood this CRM trap and succeeded where others failed. He employed a “give-to-get” strategy and implemented a digital “virtual assistant” to leverage the CRM to deliver everything sales reps need to know at the start of their day through an easy-to-discern CRM dashboard. Instead of relying on reps to input customer and meeting data, the sales operations team gives them a daily customer to-do list, driven by data science they can trust, focusing on opportunities they might otherwise miss. 

As the company already had an existing relationship with Zilliant and used Price IQ® to gain market intelligence for greater pricing accuracy, it’s no surprise they re-engaged with Zilliant for their CRM reinvigoration efforts. This time around, the engine powering these insights and guiding targeted action is Zilliant Sales IQ® combined with Campaign Manager™, seamlessly integrated into their CRM with Zilliant Sales Planner™.

Today, this foodservice distributor has an insight- and action-driven sales team that no longer uses a pricing-from-the-gut mentality. The new eBook – How to Give Sales Reps a Data Science-Driven Playbook - goes into further detail on the challenges this distributor was facing, the revenue operations and intelligence solution Zilliant applied, and how understanding and appreciating the sales rep mindset led to sky-high adoption and sustained organic growth.

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