[EBOOK] Block Out the Noise and Prosper Through Price

By Zilliant

Jul 07, 2022

Read this eBook to learn how a major metals distributor transformed their pricing from art to science with Zilliant Price IQ®.

Metals Distributor Transforms Pricing from Art to Science

To stay in business for more than a century, a company must do a lot right. It must consistently deliver value for its customers, foster a positive environment for employees, and evolve as routes to market and economies change. The thing about such seasoned companies in the digital age, however, is the pace of change often exceeds their ability to adopt cutting-edge technologies.

For this metals distributor, pricing had always been more art than science. But as the rate of profit in the broader metals market declined, leaders at the company made the transformative decision to bring in Zilliant Price IQ® to put pricing science to the test. The results were swift and impactful. The company’s margins grew without sacrificing sales, even as the market continued to wane.

This heightened pricing rigor skyrocketed margin performance despite a pandemic, a recession, inflationary cost increases, and unprecedented metal volatility. In fact, the company is setting financial performance records thanks in large part to consistently setting the right price and achieving upwards of 90% price adoption from the sales team.

Download the eBook below - "Block Out the Noise and Prosper Through Price" - to learn the level of adoption that was achieved, and why a centralized, strategic approach to pricing science has given the distributor the foresight to capitalize on the post-pandemic spike in demand, months before its competitors were able to. This eBook also covers best practices on crowd-sourcing pricing - involving stakeholders from across a company’s functional teams and using a mix of hard data and field feedback to inform the right price change decisions.

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