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Download the eBook to learn how Zilliant IQ helped the sales team of a global industrial manufacturer go from high account churn to a 125% revenue lift.

Global Manufacturer Goes from High Sales Account Churn to 125% Revenue Lift

With over 500,000 different products, 90,000 customers in multiple verticals and operations in over 30 countries, IMI Precision Engineering (IMI), a global industrial manufacturer and leader in motion and fluid control technologies, needed to help their sales teams overcome account churn. In-house business intelligence yielded ineffective results while also being deemed difficult to scale. IMI partnered with Zilliant and received AI-based sales guidance that enabled their sales teams with actionable intelligence to grow and increase customer retention.

Download the eBook to learn how IMI’s sale teams’ performance went from good to great by:

Expanding its pricing optimizing partnership with Zilliant IQ to include predictive sales analytics enabled by AI Using an agile process for implementation using the steps of start, systemize and scale Creating a change management process that included local advocates for regional offices worldwide

IMI’s results included a 125% revenue lift from won opportunities, 5,700 won opportunities and counting and an attainment of 30% win rate on average.

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