Zilliant Demo Series: Quick Start for Revenue Operations & Intelligence in B2B

Trying to pin down the most effective strategies to drive margin and revenue growth and then translating those strategies into actions for the sales teams or personalized offers for customers is difficult and time-consuming. The go-to manual method of emailing reports and spreadsheets to sales reps often proves ineffective. Adding to this challenge, the role of sales has forever changed as a result of the pandemic, the shift to virtual or hybrid selling, and the acceleration of digital commerce.Watch this webinar to see how leading B2B companies are tackling these challenges with our suite of revenue operations and intelligence software that can be deployed in as few as 3 weeks with the Zilliant Quick Start.Viewers will:• See an overview of Zilliant solutions and how we help B2B companies address pricing and revenue challenges• See a demo of Zilliant Quick Start for Revenue Operations & Intelligence using Zilliant Sales IQ and Zilliant Campaign Manager and learn how to deliver customer-specific actions to sales reps and personalized product recommendations to customers• See how to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, sales rep adoption and revenue impact with a closed-loop process

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