Nov 05, 2015

Zilliant Releases Next Generation Price Optimization Capabilities

New features provide Zilliant MarginMax customers with greater precision and control over pricing strategies.   AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 5, 2015 – Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, today announced new capabilities in its MarginMax Strategy Interface as well as advances in pricing science. The new features enable B2B companies to be more responsive to changing market conditions and cost volatility, and gain greater control over pricing strategies, while continuing to deliver market-aligned prices that make sense to customers and in the context of business objectives.   MarginMax is a SaaS price optimization application that improves margins and market share by quantifying the potential of price changes. It delivers market-aligned price guidance to sales reps to help them make better pricing decisions.   New MarginMax features include:  

Improvements in the ability to quickly adjust prices to reflect increasing or decreasing costs. More options to manage pricing spreads for different customer and product segments, to help ensure that differentiated prices based on customer size and product line reflect business objectives while maintaining rationality. Advances in science using hierarchical Bayesian techniques to detect accurate price elasticity signals in noisy B2B data. Performance enhancements to improve the speed in which optimized prices are generated.

  “Our customers operate in rapidly changing market conditions, where the ability to react precisely and quickly with respect to price is critical,” said Pete Eppele, senior vice president of products and science at Zilliant. “With the new MarginMax features, pricing teams have more control over how they execute price strategies and are better equipped to provide sales teams with the best possible pricing guidance.”

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