Oct 15, 2020

Zilliant Releases Interactive Global B2B Benchmark Report

Sub-par pricing and sales practices result in up to 17.1% in margin loss and 31.8% in revenue loss annually; groundbreaking interactive survey experience reveals precisely how much

Austin, TX – October 15, 2020 – Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent B2B price optimization, price management and sales guidance software, today released its fourth annual Global B2B Benchmark Report, an analysis of more than 1 billion B2B transactions that quantifies the impact of sub-par pricing and sales practices. The updated report includes an interactive survey component that generates a custom benchmark analysis based on a company’s unique quantitative and qualitative data.

Key findings from the analysis include:

Globally, B2B companies consistently lose between seven and 31.8 percent of annual revenue and between two and 17.1 percent of annual margin; for a $1 billion company this equates to as much as $318 million in annual lost revenue and $171 million in annual lost margin B2B companies that address these pricing and sales challenges typically capture an incremental one to three percent of margin and five to 15 percent of same-customer revenue

“Improving P&L performance is at the top of every business leader’s mind, yet they often fail to take advantage of the most impactful profit lever: pricing,” said Greg Peters, Zilliant president and chief executive officer. “Although the impact of poor pricing and sales practices have been historically overlooked, it is my hope that companies will use this opportunity to clearly see where revenue and margin is being lost, pivot away from manual pricing practices and course-correct to significantly improve their bottom line.”

This report was developed by analyzing billions of transactions through Zilliant’s proprietary data science-driven techniques and B2B industry expertise. Findings reveal the underlying costs of poor pricing and sales practices often go unrecognized, leading to pervasive annual margin and revenue loss among B2B manufacturing, distribution and service companies. The report exposes five significant sources of revenue and margin leakage: Customer churn, missed cross-sell, inconsistent pricing, misaligned market pricing and inefficient pricing practices.

This year’s report features a new category highlighting the cost of inefficient pricing processes and heavy reliance on manual prices and calculations. An interactive online feature allows companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their own pricing practices by generating a customized benchmark report that measures their unique performance against all five benchmark categories.

“Leading SaaS companies are analyzing the unique dataset from opt-in customer and operational data to create valuable data-driven insights across their customer base which were previously impossible to create,” said IDC Research Director for Digital Business Models and Monetization Mark Thomason. “In Zilliant’s case, they have curated a nice list of benchmarks across industries which companies can measure their performance and improve their operations.”

To see how your business compares to the benchmark results, visit https://benchmark.zilliant.com/ and take the survey. Access the full Global B2B Benchmark Report at the end of the survey.

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