Nov 17, 2014

Zilliant MindShare 2014 Showcases Customers Who Are Rising Above Average

Event empowers Zilliant customers to drive profitable growth and gain a competitive advantage

Austin, TX – Nov. 17, 2014 – Zilliant, an optimization company that helps businesses make better pricing and sales decisions, hosted its fourth annual MindShare customer event from November 11 – 12 in Austin, Texas. The two-day event enabled Zilliant customers across a broad range of B2B industries to share best practices on improving their top and bottom lines, network with each other, and preview Zilliant’s latest predictive pricing and sales applications.

“MindShare offered a platform for us to share our story about how we’re capitalizing on the complexity in our business using rate optimization technology,” said Erik Bengtsson, executive vice president of Cramo Scandinavia. “It’s inspiring to learn how other companies are implementing new strategies to strengthen their value propositions and lead the charge in their industries with the help of Zilliant’s guidance.”

More than 100 Zilliant customers from the B2B manufacturing, distribution and industrial service industries attended to learn and share their experience using predictive guidance to sell more at the right price, maximize value from existing customers, and take their businesses to the next level.

“This year’s event provided another great opportunity for us to network with other Zilliant customers from a variety of industries that range from food distribution to equipment rental services,” said Angelica Barriga, vice president of sales operations and marketing at FleetPride. “We’re all able to share best practices on how to enable even the most tenured sales reps to make more informed decisions that drive profitable growth.”

Zilliant showcased the joint use of MarginMax and SalesMax on the Zilliant SaaS Optimization Platform to demonstrate how companies can optimize their pricing, customer retention and growth decisions quickly and seamlessly. The new SalesMax OnDemand mobile application also was demoed to show how sales reps can find and manage the most profitable sales opportunities on the go.

The event featured several keynote speeches and panels from Zilliant customers, resulting in key takeaways on how to:

Improve the quality of your data and process it in the right way to identify the most profitable prices and sales opportunities; Train sales managers to translate business priorities into actionable tactics for sales reps in the field; Deliver to sales reps opportunities for wallet-share expansion and recovery; and Successfully encourage sales reps to trust the pricing and sales guidance delivered to them and adopt the change.

“MindShare 2014 was our largest, most successful customer event to date,” said Greg Peters, Zilliant president and CEO. “We were thrilled to have this opportunity to strengthen the Zilliant ecosystem, provide an interactive forum for our customers, and share our vision for a new way of doing business through the use of predictive models to guide decisions.”

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