Jan 28, 2014

Zilliant Launches SalesMax OnDemand, an Application to Drive Organic Growth

New solution offers enhanced functionality for sales reps and managers to manage opportunities without a CRM system

Austin, TX – Jan. 28, 2014 – Zilliant, an optimization company that helps businesses make better pricing and sales decisions, today announced the launch of SalesMax OnDemand, a robust, new user interface that provides a new way to access and manage the cross-sell and retention opportunities generated by SalesMax.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, the application, which is accessible from web browsers and mobile devices, provides sales reps with enhanced functionality to better prioritize, pursue and manage sales opportunities in one centralized location without the use of a CRM system.

“SalesMax OnDemand is the most effective way for sales reps to retain and grow wallet-share for every customer in their book of business,” said Pete Eppele, senior vice president of products and science at Zilliant. “By providing visibility into the opportunities across all accounts, sales reps can spend their time on the accounts with the most potential for growth and more consistently make their numbers.”

Key features include:

Opportunity identification and prioritization – Pushes the highest priority opportunities to the SalesMax OnDemand user interface for each sales rep Insight management – Allows sales reps to search for and manage all available cross-sell and retention opportunities, enabling them to perform account, route and call planning activities Product line-level dispositioning – Enables sales reps to disposition and add comments at the product-line level, providing greater accuracy for reporting of what is pursued from each opportunity Increased collaboration – Enables sales managers to view reps’ opportunities, offering a mechanism for closed-loop feedback, consistent coaching and measurement

First launched in 2011, SalesMax is a predictive sales application that identifies which products customers should be buying and which customers are beginning to churn, enabling companies to grow organic revenue. Companies using SalesMax typically see an increase in revenue of five percent or more while reducing churn and making sales teams more productive and efficient. SalesMax is the only application that can analyze a company’s entire book of business to identify and predict actionable cross-sell and retention applications.

For more information about SalesMax, visit www.zilliant.com/products-services/salesmax/.

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