Oct 08, 2015

Zilliant Hosts MindShare 2015 to Fuel Smarter Growth

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 8, 2015 – Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, hosted its fifth annual MindShare customer event October 6 – 7 in Austin, Texas. The two-day event enabled Zilliant customers across a broad range of B2B industries to share best practices on gaining a competitive edge, network with each other, and preview Zilliant’s latest prescriptive pricing and sales applications.

“Presenting at MindShare gave us a platform to share our story about maximizing the role of inside teams with our sales programs,” said Paul Umpleby, sales director, IMI Precision Engineering. “In addition, the best practices for increasing sales effectiveness shared by other executives at the event were both inspirational and actionable within my own business.”

“The results shared by several businesses in multiple sectors at MindShare demonstrated how advanced pricing and selling tools based on proactive and predictive analytics and optimization deliver superior sales team performance and improve overall company profitability,” said Lynn Guinn, global strategic pricing leader, FIS Platform, Cargill.

Nearly 100 Zilliant customers from the B2B manufacturing, distribution and industrial service industries attended to learn and share their experience using prescriptive guidance to enable sales reps to make smarter sales and pricing decisions, maximize value from existing customers, and identify new customer opportunities.

“MindShare 2015 was our most successful customer event to date,” said Greg Peters, Zilliant president and CEO. “We were thrilled to have this opportunity to expand the Zilliant community and provide an interactive and actionable forum for our customersto share experiences and insights about their use of optimization and prescriptive guidance.”

“MindShare presents a rare opportunity for B2B company leaders to collaborate on pricing and sales strategies that will lead to smarter company growth,” said Rafe VanDenBerg, editor-in-chief at MindBrew. “In today’s highly competitive, innovative and disruptive market, it’s difficult to find peers to share sales and pricing best practices with; MindShare presents a great forum to do just that.”

Zilliant previewed new product capabilities for attendees, showcasing its seamless approach to empowering sales reps, managers and executives to align individual goals with a larger company strategy.

The event featured several keynote speeches and panels from Zilliant customers, resulting in key takeaways on how to:

Use prescriptive guidance and digital innovation to redefine what’s possible and gain a competitive edge; Tailor marketing campaigns to customers and enable the sales team to have more productive, targeted conversations with customers; Use optimization to effectively set and manage prices to maximize profits; and Champion ideas and influence others within the company to adopt them.

About Zilliant   Zilliant’s solutions help B2B companies solve a wide range of pricing and sales challenges, allowing them to gain more strategic control of their business performance using an innovative blend of data science and software solutions. Our innovative cloud native platform and applications, paired with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, gives company leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies reimagine pricing and sales at www.zilliant.com.


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