Nov 06, 2013

Zilliant Delivers SalesMax™ Connect on the Salesforce Platform

Zilliant selects Salesforce Platform to tap into the power of cloud technologies to transform the way customers sell, service, market and innovate.

Austin, TX – November 6, 2013 – Zilliant, today announced SalesMax Connect is now available on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s leading cloud platform for social and mobile business apps. SalesMax Connect integrates SalesMax opportunities, called Customer Insights, into Salesforce Sales Cloud enabling sales reps to access and pursue actionable cross-sell and retention opportunities from within the opportunities module using existing workflows. SalesMax, which was first launched in 2011, identifies which products customers should be buying and which customers are beginning to churn, enabling companies to grow organic revenue.

Comment on the News “SalesMax Connect revolutionizes the value sales people get from their CRM system, by providing actionable selling guidance, including which customers to call on and what products to talk about,” said Javier Aldrete, senior director of product management at Zilliant. “Current SalesMax customers are already seeing tremendous results in terms of sales team productivity, adoption and revenue growth, and we are excited to bring the application directly to Sales Cloud customers.”

“The future of enterprise apps is connected,” said Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, ISV & Channel, “Partners such as Zilliant are leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform to give companies the tools they need to create deeper connections with customers and accelerate their transformation into customer companies.”

“Driving organic growth and minimizing customer churn are key strategic initiatives for Spandex,” said Jim Rich, director of pricing at Spandex, a leading global supplier to the sign-making and display industries and a SalesMax Connect customer. “We are excited to deploy SalesMax Connect to enable our sales reps to quickly gain visibility into the health of all customer accounts, spot early signs of defection, and drive revenue growth.”

Product Key Features

Enables users to better manage their entire book of business and proactively expand relationships with existing customers by viewing customers insights for all accounts Automatically identifies and focuses reps on the highest priority accounts for growth Reverses customer churn and increases organic revenue growth Converts SalesMax Customer Insights into Sales Cloud opportunities Enables sales managers to measure, manage and track sales performance with an interactive management dashboard and advanced visual analytics


SalesMax™ Connect is now available on the Salesforce Platform Contact Zilliant for custom pricing

About the Salesforce Platform and the AppExchange

The Salesforce Platform is the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud platform for building cloud apps. It powers Salesforce CRM, more than 3 million custom apps built by customers and more than 2,000 apps developed by partners in its ecosystem. Apps built on the Salesforce Platform can be easily distributed and marketed through’s AppExchange. Saleforce, AppExchange and others are among the trademarks of, inc.

About Zilliant

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