Jun 30, 2015

SalesMax Connect from Zilliant is Now Available for the Salesforce1 Mobile App-Empowering Companies

With Zilliant SalesMax Connect, B2B sales reps can now identify and prioritize cross-sell and retention opportunities on-the-go

Austin, TX – June 30, 2015 – Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, today announced the launch of SalesMax Sales Campaigns, a new SalesMax feature that enables marketing and sales leaders to more effectively align and execute product and marketing strategies in the field through prescriptive selling guidance.

SalesMax, which identifies growth and retention opportunities that deliver revenue growth of 10 percent or more, can now generate, scope and prioritize opportunities for sales reps based on any product or customer dimension.

“B2B companies often struggle to align frontline sales decisions with management strategy and objectives,” said Pete Eppele, senior vice president of products and science at Zilliant. “With Sales Campaigns, our customers can generate precisely targeted prescriptive selling guidance, making it easy to translate marketing strategies into specific actions for sales reps regarding which customers to call and what products to pitch.”

Sales Campaigns provides the ability to generate and prioritize how sales opportunities are sent to sales reps based on any combination of customer or product attributes, such as the type or size of the customer, specific product line, brand or SKU, customer geography or industry. The prescriptive guidance also can guide marketing campaigns by pinpointing exactly which customers should be buying each product line and where customers are beginning to defect. As a result, marketing, product and merchandising teams can improve campaign performance.

Key features include the ability to help B2B companies:

Reduce customer churn by promoting and prioritizing sales opportunities that contain customer recovery opportunities; Increase share in specific industries by identifying the most likely customers to buy additional product lines; Sell more of a given product category by prioritizing opportunities that contain a cross-sell or retention opportunity for products within the category; Find the highest potential sales opportunities for a new product line for a specific customer segment; and Take advantage of rebates on a given product line or brand by identifying customers most likely to purchase the line.

SalesMax Sales Campaigns has a closed-loop system that provides a simple way for companies to measure the effectiveness of a campaign against actual sales. For more information about SalesMax, visit www.zilliant.com/salesmax.

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