[Impact Pricing] Price Modes: Something You’ve Never Heard of, but Need to with Brooks Hamilton

By Zilliant

Mar 29, 2021

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In this episode, Brooks shares how tariffs can make changes on your cost basis and impact your company’s bottom line. That’s why companies who respond quickly in their pricing and have a better understanding of their pricing and tools fare better than those who are not. He also talks about price modes and how clarity and knowledge about it can turn more revenues for your company.

Brooks Hamilton is the Vice President of Services at Zilliant.  He is responsible for Services sales, the technical team, engagement methodology, partner enablement, and training across multiple countries as well as assist building Zilliant’s brand via industry speaking engagements. Zilliant is a global company with blue-chip customers around the world.

Visit Impact Pricing to listen to the full episode. 

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