Global Distributor Solves for Cost Increases & Sales Communication Challenges

When it comes to effective cost management strategies for large packaging distributors, each function of the business must be successfully executed at a grand scale. This means pricing decisions, cost pass-through and sales guidance delivery can no longer be done manually to meet the speed of the market.

The sales operations team at a global print, packaging and facilities solutions company was dealing with an increase in the frequency and intensity of cost changes coming from its thousands of suppliers. In addition, the bulk of its business was transacted over customer-specific contracts, which need to be updated often to account for changes in costs. The company needed a more efficient way to leverage its Zilliant-optimized prices to automate the price change and agreement management processes.

“We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and providing solutions that add value. The Zilliant platform helps our team deliver AI-enriched guidance to sales representatives that is customized to the unique circumstances of each customer interaction,” said the company’s vice president of field initiatives and sales enablement.

The distributor implemented Zilliant Deal Manager™, the leading deal management software, to facilitate real-time communication between pricing analysts andsellers, and automate campaigns. Deal Manager empowers the organization to conduct a multitude of campaigns across millions of contract lines and scale it across different warehouses, regions and sales leaders.

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