Life Sciences Giant Taps Zilliant to Deliver Intelligent, Harmonized Pricing


One of the largest life sciences companies in the world recognized more than a decade ago that it needed to transform its pricing capabilities to maintain its market leadership and continue to grow. Two major acquisitions amplified this point, as the pricing team quickly tripled in size and saw more than a 15x increase in transaction volume.

The company had leaned on its internal expertise to execute complex pricing processes via its big data platform. Its initial investment in pricing software had not lived up to expectations, as performance and intelligence capabilities lagged under the weight of its massive volume of customer and product data.

The company had to make a choice:

Continue to build pricing capabilities in-house leveraging the big data platform. Unsustainable. Hold out hope that the incumbent pricing vendor could fix performance issues. Unrealistic. Find a true pricing partner. Enter Zilliant.

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