Unwrap Three New Industry Infographics

By Zilliant

Dec 29, 2020

This month Zilliant released three new infographics focused on reimagined commercial solutions for three distinct B2B vertical industries– food production and manufacturing, electronic components distribution and aftermarket/auto parts manufacturing.

Here are previews to each, with links to download the full versions:

How Food Producers Widen the Gap Between Price and Cost

For food producers, setting and updating prices in a fashion that accounts for futures, volume forecasts and maximum profitability is extremely complicated.  

Price builds and component-based pricing must consider a volatile and complex mix of considerations. Contracts, dynamic spot pricing,unpredictableraw commodity exchanges, and more make widening the gap between price and cost a constant struggle.  

This infographic explores anew best practice. By leveraging data science, food producers are reimagining the traditional approach to pricing in this dynamic industry to respond faster to commodity price moves and institutionalizing pricing across a global business.  

Download to learn more. 

Why the Aftermarket Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

As vehicles on the road continue to age, parts outpace new car sales and massive growth is projected over the next several years: It’s a good time for aftermarket parts manufacturers.

However, even periods of accelerating sales come with a downside.Business may be humming,but skyrocketing sales often mask underlying margin leakage. You may have a hunch it’s occurring, and while growth periods can reduce the sense of urgency, there could be significant margin leakage occurring in your business.   

In fact, the Zilliant 2020 Global B2B Benchmark Report found that manufacturers consistently experience a range of margin loss due to a variety of subpar pricing practices. 

Download this infographic to learn how to course-correct pricing to ensure you’re picking up every bit of available margin on the table.

How Electronic Components Distributors Can Solve the Churn Problem

Do you know your annual customer and product churn rate?Inour experience, electronic components distributors see as much as annual 30% customer churn rate – which includes declining customer purchase volume. Just like that, a 7% growth target becomes a 37% goal in practical terms.  

The good news is this no longer has to be the case.We demonstrate a proven, data-driven method for detecting churn before it begins and recapturing lost revenue that has helped distributors recapture up to 15% in same-customer sales. 

Download our new infographic to learn how we’re helping electronic components distributors identify at-risk customers at the first sign of defection, create targeted sales recovery actions and deliver these insights to sales reps when and where they need them.

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