Manufacturers: Overcome CPQ Pitfalls and Streamline Sales Processes with Zilliant

By Zilliant

Apr 04, 2024

While manufacturers understand CPQ’s importance in their business, many companies still struggle to get the most out of their CPQ in today’s business climate marked by inflation, market volatility, and increasing customer expectations. This is because many businesses are using CPQ solutions that lack key features when it comes to customization, integration into existing systems, and industry-specific functionality. 

In this blog post, we’ll examine CPQ pitfalls and highlight how leading manufacturers are using Zilliant CPQ to streamline the sales process and improve buying experiences. 

Common CPQ Pitfalls for Manufacturers

Why are some manufacturers still struggling with CPQ? Here are a few common pitfalls that are hindering manufacturers from realizing the full value CPQ brings to the business.

  • Your CPQ is missing crucial features your business needs: Not all CPQs are built the same or offer the same features. This could lead to manufacturers onboarding software that is not a perfect match for their unique business requirements and will hinder the ability to deliver the desired value. 
  • Your CPQ purchase was made with the wrong scope: Manufacturers often make the mistake of getting a CPQ for their present business, not their future business. This could result in a CPQ tuned for their current portfolio of products but not scalable enough to factor in new products. When that happens, adding new products, pricing, variants, or options could end up becoming a lengthy IT project, resulting in a slow reaction to market demands and even revenue loss.  
  • Your CPQ has no access to real-time ERP and pricing data: Bad data quality can cause errors to pile up, which in turn causes your CPQ to do more harm than good. It becomes an unreliable piece of software that your sales team avoids. Additionally, not having real-time data access can cause your CPQ to underperform and introduce gaps that your sales team needs to fill in manually.
  • Your CPQ is not integrated with the end-to-end sales process: A connected CPQ has the potential to transform your entire sales process. Without being seamlessly integrated with all your digital sales tools and processes needed along the selling journey, your business can’t benefit from the enhanced accuracy and efficiency CPQ has to offer.

Accelerating Sales Success with Zilliant CPQ 

With customer expectations at an all-time high, a frictionless buying experience is crucial to winning more business. The largest roadblock, for customers, sellers, and partners alike, is often getting an accurate quote quickly. When managing the entire pricing lifecycle, businesses can automate quotes with dynamic pricing to increase their bottom line.

Zilliant CPQ simplifies even the most involved quoting process to shorten deal cycles and enhance the buying experience. Purpose-built for manufacturing, Zilliant CPQ produces accurate quotes for complex configurations, with guided selling, real-time pricing, and dynamic cost estimations. With robust ERP & CRM integrations, Zilliant CPQ makes it easy to streamline the customer experience with interactive visualizations and self-service purchasing to increase revenue and maintain a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits of Zilliant CPQ

  • Eliminate misconfigurations, costing inaccuracies and order errors
  • Increase revenue and deal size with optimized, guided pricing
  • Automate and scale the sales process with streamlined workflows and quoting
  • Unlock self-service to expand into new channels and improve customer experience
  • Take advantage of fast time-to-value with a purpose-built solution for manufacturing

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