Avoid These Aftermarket Margin Pitfalls

It’s a good time to be in the aftermarket parts manufacturing business, as vehicles on the road continue to age, parts outpace new car sales and massive growth is expected over the next several years.

Yet even periods of accelerating sales come with a downside. The factory may be churning out product and deals are getting signed left and right, but skyrocketing sales often mask underlying margin leakage.You may have a hunch it’s occurring, and while growth periods canreduce the sense of urgency,there could be significant margin leakage occurring in your business.

In fact, a recent Zilliant Benchmark Report found that manufacturers consistently experience a range of margin lossdue toa variety ofsubpar pricing practices.Download our latest infographic and learn strategies to course-correct pricing, including:

Automating tedious processes and better managing price lists

Optimizing and aligning prices rationally across product relationships

Delivering real-time market pricing for eCommerce

…and more!

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