Fundamentals Behind the Market’s Most Powerful Price Optimization SOLUTION

By Zilliant

May 10, 2022

With Next-Generation Price IQ®, our market-leading price optimization solution has gotten even better, but the fundamentals haven’t changed. Peruse these Zilliant customer success stories to learn why B2B companies have trusted the unique science behind Price IQ for more than two decades.

Next-GenerationPrice IQ®TakesPrice IQ to the Next Level, But the Fundamentals Remain

Recently, we announced Next-Generation Price IQ®, a new and powerful update to our already market-leading price optimization solution, Price IQ.Next-Generation Price IQ offers many key enhancements including performance speeds up to 10x faster, crystal box optimization that offers unprecedented transparency into how prices were derived, anda faster implementation time of only 90 days.But the fact is that even before Next-Generation Price IQ was announced,Price IQ was still the most proven and sophisticated solution for optimizing prices on the market. It is the only price optimization software to measure price elasticity, address pricing complexity, ensure price alignment, deliver dynamic, omnichannel pricing, and much more.While we’ve made Price IQ even better, our approach to price optimization and the solution’s fundamentals haven’t changed.The following is a round-up of case studies that go in to detail about the power of price optimization itself and how Price IQ has already greatly benefited a number of B2B companies for the past two decades.

Price IQ Case Studies

TERREAL Leverages Price IQ to Perform Above the Market in Volume and Price

Terreal, a €400M building products manufacturer, experienced rapid growth and an expanded global footprint, which made aligning prices across sales channels and equipping sales reps with rational price guidance a major challenge due to a heavy reliance on manual processes. Read this case study to learn how Terreal established a new strategic approach to pricing and provided sales reps with actionable guidance they can trust with Price IQ.

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Global Staffing Services Company Optimizes Rate Markup, Accelerates Time-To-Quote

A global staffing services company had trouble determining the optimal rate markup at the time of quote due to salespeople relying on gut feel to calculate bill rates. This approach did not account for critical factors such as regional variance, skill disparity, talent availability, state burdens (tax and insurance rates),and inflationary market trends.This case study details how the company leveraged Price IQ to solve its markup, rate guidance, and speed-to-quote challenges with a more strategic approach.

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Rental Company Simultaneously Improves Rates, Revenue, and Utilization

A rapidly growing B2B rental company found that irrational rate structures were causing quoting delays and underpricing or over-pricing mistakes. This was in addition to the company’s spread sheet-based pricing process that lacked the scale and accuracy to keep up with revenue targets.Read this case study to learn how Price IQ, paired with a commitment to change management, led to more rational rates, as well as a 15% increase in total revenue year over year.

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European Industrial Supplies Company Conquers the ‘Valley of Despair’ with Pricing Technology

A leading European industrial distributor needed help achieving profitable growth and pricing compliance in multiple European markets before, during, and after a major merger. This case study explores how the distributor leveraged the power of Price IQ to see an immediate and sustained increase in margin and pricing compliance, including a margin increase of 200 bps in just the first three months.

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Building Products Manufacturer Lifts Margin 2.3 percent with Price IQ

Inconsistent and erratic pricing was preventing a private equity-backed building products manufacturer from earning a fair margin on its products. Read this case study to learn how the company used Price IQ to implement smarter pricing that customers could trust for several high-end product lines, resulting in a sustained 2.3 percent margin increase while maintaining historical volumes.

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