Zilliant Demo Series: Dynamically Update Prices When Costs Change

With unprecedented cost volatility and inflation, companies are increasingly struggling to keep prices up to date and in-line with the market, as legacy systems and manual methods are often too slow. Updating prices and pricing logic in the system of record, often an ERP, can be a significant technical challenge as well. This process is further complicated by the need to provide relevant, real-time pricing in a growing number of channels from CPQ systems to eCommerce. Watch this Zilliant Demo Series session to see how leading B2B companies are tackling these challenges with flexible price management software and a dynamic pricing engine. Viewers will: Hear an overview of Zilliant solutions and how we help B2B companies address pricing and sales challenges See a demo of Zilliant Price Manager and learn how to dynamically update prices as costs change Learn how Zilliant’s Real-Time Pricing Engine can enable real-time calculation and delivery of prices into any commercial system

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