[Zilliant + Conga] Solving for Quoting & Pricing Complexity in Enterprise B2B

Solving for Quoting & Pricing Complexity in Enterprise B2B

There area number triggers that can cause a B2B company to make a price change. A few examples include competitive price moves, market forces that drive demand, or inventory availability. Unfortunately, while making a price change sounds easy in theory, in most companies, it’s a complex challenge thatrelies on many different stakeholders and processes and usually involves burdensome spreadsheets being passed back and forth.This makes it increasingly difficult to get quotes out to customers in a reasonable timeframe in order towin business.

In this webinar Zilliant, Conga Business Transformation Director Derrick Herbst, and Conga Product Management Manager Balu Jaidev Sreekumar discuss how to move from trigger to transaction smarter and faster. Zilliant and Conga solutions integrate for more strategic price management and increased visibility into the quoting process for sales reps. Watch for a product demonstration and how to solve for more profitable pricing while enabling sales teams to close deals faster, more accurately, and more profitably than was previously possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to enable sales in terms of onboarding, fasterquotingand greater confidence in winning deals
  • How to deliver rational, market-aligned, consistent pricing that sales teams want to pursue
  • How to easily make updates to pricing and publish to Conga CPQ
  • How to design pricing strategies and predict the revenue and margin impacts before publishing
  • How to deliver market-aligned pricing to sales reps directly in Conga CPQ
  • How toquickly and accurately configure quotes, adjust pricing while maintaining margins, and collaborate with the pricing team to negotiate pricing and discounts
  • How to enjoy the best-of-breed for both price setting and quoting execution

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