Upgrade Your Customer-Specific Pricing

Given the unprecedented challenges ahead of us all, as a leader in your business, you’re likely evaluating strategies to retain share and hold the line on margin.

To that end, this webinar co-hosted withModern Distribution Management (MDM)covers one tactic that is commonly overlooked — updating customer-specific pricing.

Zilliant Vice President of Services Brooks Hamilton and MDM’s Vice President of Sales, Business and E-Business John Gunderson, dissect the complexities of customer-specific prices in B2B distribution and chart a path toward fixing them.

In it, Hamilton draws a distinction between ad-hoc customer exceptions and strategic, highly reviewed customer contracts before tackling the problems they contain, such as:

Poor price setting Haphazard record creation Fundamental strategic issues

With these issues clearly laid out, Hamilton presents tactical and strategic prescriptions that B2B distributors can put to use immediately.

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