Streamline Rebate Management across Pricing, Sales and Finance

Rebates, or off-invoice discounts and incentives, are a powerful method to grow revenue with customers. Yet, they are complex and cumbersome to execute given deal structure variation, the time lapse between rebates and payouts, and the many stakeholders (pricing, sales, and finance) that must work in concert to effectively manage rebates.

This webinar with European Pricing Platform, featuring Zilliant Product Management Director Brian Hirt, demonstrates how to better manage this complex and critical process. Join us for an in-depth session on how Zilliant is powering a streamlined approach to rebates. Brian covers pricing, sales and finance role-based overviews on everything from defining programs, to tracking accruals, payouts to issuing credits, gaining forward- and backward-looking visibility, and empowering sales reps to define and notify customers of available rebates, and more.

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