Rediscover Rebates, the Hidden Pricing Lever

Discounts. Markups. Customer-specific agreements. Matrix prices. In addition to these popular on-invoice methods to increase revenue and margin, nearly every B2B company has an off-invoice strategy. But just how strategic is it? You may be surprised to learn that rebates, while ubiquitous, are often managed in an ad-hoc fashion, resulting in more headaches than high-fives for pricing teams.

This session, hosted by Copperberg, focuses on aligning the on-invoice and off-invoice strategies to drive a coherent sales growth vision that all stakeholders in an organization can pursue collectively. To do so, we must gain a single view into what programs are available to each customer and real-time visibility into how customers are tracking against rebate programs. Only then can pricing teams drive the desired behavior from both sales reps and customers.

Participants will learn common missteps and unforeseen roadblocks that torpedo rebate programs. Participants will learn how to align their on-invoice and off-invoice pricing strategies and tactics. Participants will learn how to drive more effective rebate campaigns through actionable insights for sales teams.

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