Reimagine eCommerce Real-Time Market Pricing for Industrial Manufacturers

The business, data, channel and product complexities manufacturers face make it difficult to meet customers’ expectations of a seamless ecommerce experience, especially as business adjusts to a new digital normal. This pain is particularly acute as manufacturers strive to provide dynamic, real-time, market-aligned prices through e-commerce channels.

In this webinar, Zilliant SVP of Products & Science, Pete Eppele, co-presents on the inherent challenges manufacturers face in determining and managing e-commerce pricing. Additionally, the presenters share the specific tactics and smarter strategies that manufacturers can deploy to deliver the personalized online experience their customers expect, including how to:

  • Deliver an omnichannel experience with in-context information for sellers while driving parity between channels
  • Utilize ERP data to generate the right product and pricing guidance at the right time while synching that guidance across channels with dynamic updates as needed
  • Leverage digital and ecommerce data to set dynamic, online-specific pricing
  • Differentiate eCommerce pricing for existing customers and new visitors at the product category or SKU level
  • Set e-commerce specific discounts that can be personalized for (or targeted to) customer segments and product groups
  • Analyze pageviews, conversions, cart abandonment data and inventory availability to set multiple discounting strategies online
  • Offer customer-specific agreement prices and dynamically tiered pricing for quantity breaks online Integrate elasticity-based price optimization, ensuring omnichannel price consistency that achieves revenue and margin targets for the business

Finally, Zilliant Product Experience Manager, Samantha Leung, and Senior Solution Engineer at SAP Customer Experience, Edward Shannon, demonstrate how SAP Commerce Cloud and Zilliant pricing solutions bring these tactics and strategies to life.

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