Outside the Algorithm: How to Deploy AI & Drive Organizational Change

Garni Thomas, director of strategic initiatives at Mobile Modular Management Corporation, a division of McGrath RentCorp, told her company’s pricing transformation story to a live virtual audience. The recording is now available on-demand.

The company faced a number of business challenges, including:

A culture of “seller always knows best” when pricing a transaction A lack of common language to help customers understand the factors that influence price A lack of real-time guidance at the point-of quote Difficulty integrating evolving business strategies with pricing habits in the field

A major lesson learned during the project was that change management is actually more difficult than technical implementation. Garni stressed the importance of Progress Leadership, a process of building executive champions, creating space for affected parties to air their concerns and fears, and an ongoing rigorous change management discipline. She explained how Zilliant has been instrumental in driving adoption and business results during this period of enormous change.

“I have only endorsed one vendor in (my 20 years) with the company and that is Zilliant,” said Thomas. Watch the recording to find out why!

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