Omnichannel Pricing with B2B eCommerce

With eCommerce emerging as an important business channel, B2B distribution and manufacturing executives now have to figure out how to provide consistent pricing across both online and direct sales channels as they focus on shifting more business online.

Omnichannel pricing strategy is critical to ensuring a great customer buying experience and when done right, will reduce the cost of doing business and improve customer loyalty.

Zilliant Inc. together with Smart Selling Tools, invites you to a live webinar: How to Achieve Omnichannel Pricing with B2B eCommerce

You'll get insights on:

The business pressures driving eCommerce adoption in B2B The shift in customer preferences and what makes a frictionless eCommerce experience How AI, when applied to your customer data set, provides guidance for an omnichannel pricing strategy

Analyze your pricing approach and create a pricing strategy that aligns with direct sales channels on each customer-item combination, by applying Artificial Intelligence to your existing customer data set.

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