Moments of Opportunity: Margin & Revenue Growth in Distribution with SAP

Many distributors are finding themselves at an inflection point with moments of opportunity to transform how they approach commercial processes throughout the value chain. Additionally, by using pricing and revenue operations and intelligence software, distributors have the opportunity to significantly increase revenue and margin.

In this webinar recording, SAP Global Vice President, Wholesale Distribution Magnus Meier, discusses the state of wholesale distribution, how digital transformation and market forces are accelerating the pace of change in distribution, and why digitizing pricing processes and systems is key to not missing the moment.Additionally, Zilliant Senior Vice President of Customer Success Nathan Rabold shares how leading distribution companies are transforming data to price and sell. Nathan discusses key challenges with generating and operationalizing margin- and revenue-driving insights, specific areas of pricing and sales opportunity, and actionable tactics distributors can deploy to improve their financial performance in turbulent times.

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