Hammer Time! Finding & Fixing Margin Leakage in Customer-Specific Pricing webinar

Customer-specific pricing, or prices that are negotiated and set for one customer, is often one of the most sacred price modes in a business, and, as such, it’s the last to be addressed when price needs to move. Try to change these prices and you’ll have the sales team throwing on their MC Hammer pants and screaming “Can’t touch this!”

When we take a closer look, there are two types of customer-specific prices that commonly take place in a business. Both are unique in terms of ability to sap margin from your businessandin terms of how fix them.

In this Professional Pricing Society (PPS) webinar, Zilliant Vice President of Services Brooks Hamilton went deep into customer-specific pricing: what it is, how it’s expressed in the business, and reimagined approaches to achieving major margin improvements. He addressed what it takes in terms of methodology, tools, process and messaging to effectively set and update customer-specific pricing that retains a healthy margin and satisfies customers.

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