Deloitte - Strategies for a Successful Commercial Reboot Post-Covid

Now is the time for companies to be strategic in their commercial thinking to safeguard short-term profitability and enable long-term profitable growth.In this webinar, we’ll explore how companies can set themselves up for a successful commercial reboot. Zilliant’s Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran, along with special guest Monitor Deloitte Director Maarten Moreels disccused how companies that focus on commercial excellence during this time, as opposed to price cuts, are poised to outperform during the recovery.In this webinar, we will explore:• Why every company should put commercial excellence at the top of their agenda.• How to define and select the right commercial and pricing actions in your business, along customer, product and geographic dimensions.• How the right mix of strategy and pricing technology can safeguard profits in the short term and enable a successful recovery in the medium- and long-term.

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